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"If you get a chance to see the documentary, don't miss it! Spell-binding!! It not only brings Modjeska back to us passionately, artistically, and emotionally, the documentary itself is beautifully done."
- Pam Eisenberg

"I loved your film, beautifully done, and it embodies what I envisioned TheWIFTS * and the focus of 'women as individuals' is about! What an incredible woman!!! Fabulously shot!!! Very well put together, the past...present...every aspect...just lovely!"
- Elspeth Tavares, TheWIFTS Foundation

"The name of Helena Modjeska is one that all too unfortunately has fallen into obscurity...Modjeska comes thrillingly back to life in Basia Myszynski's new documentary. In a fast-moving 57 minutes, Myszynski lovingly (but not over reverentially) sketches out the triumphs and (occasional) disappointments of Modjeska's colorful life...This is a documentary that is as enlightening as it is entertaining. Production credits are first class in every way, with a particular nod to the rapturous photography by the director's collaborator & film cinematographer Leonard Myszynski."
- Anthony E. Anderson, Von KleinSmid Library, USC